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Personal GPS Tracking

Keep track of family members, employees or anyone you need to monitor with a personal GPS tracking solutions from iSuraksha. Tracking devices for kids, can be placed in a backpack or purse . A real-time personal GPS tracker, which allows you to check in on your loved ones' location any time.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking System, is a robust solution from iSuraksha that provides efficient GPS tracking for a wide range of segments and helps to plan alerts and set destination route, get customized reports for any specified date and time, monitor and track in real-time on an electronic map.

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Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software is an innovative way from iSuraksha to keeping a watch and maintaining your workforce and track the position of a Employee mobile phone, whether stationary or moving. One mobile can track multiple devices.

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GPS tracking for everyone

GPS tracking is not a luxury in today's time its more of a need. We provide a wide verity of solution including vehicle tracking but not limited to this only. We invite you to share your requirement and we should already have a solution for you. We invite you to explore our services and solutions, you can also ask for a free trail.


Woman Safety

Over the past nine years, 300,000 Indian women and 64,000 girls have been abducted. We don't want to send panic signals but if you can take a preventive measure why you will not.


Child Safety - Home

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) informed that on an average 44000 children are reported missing every year. Of these, as many as 11,000 remain untraced.


Wireless tracking @ School

We provide complete solution for monitoring children at school, so you can track their location easily. Our solutions are highly secure.


Tracking Assets

Transporting high value assets from one location to another? Want to keep track of your asset's current location. Our solutions and services help you achieve this.


Tracking Employees

If you think your employees are not working as you plan. Ask for our award winning employee tracking and Geo planning solutions.


Vehicle Tracking

Yes! we also provide vehicle tracking solutions. You can keep a tight lid on your driver and whereabouts of your loved ones with our solution.


iSuraksha Notifications are sent to you using our platform. These are sent to both your online account as well as to your mobile device. There are different notifications you can expect while using our products.



Based on settings you have for device you will get information. These information include an alert if your device enters or exits a defined geo boundary.



Our devices are smart enough to notify you in case an unexpected activity takes place. For example you vehicle is towed without your knowledge, you will get a warning message.



A danger notification is sent to perform a quick action. For example you are not using your car for month and battery is going dead, you will receive alert for urgent action.

How to Order

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Device Dispatched

Device as per order is dispatched.

KYC Documents

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Depending on device an installation
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Devices which outperform competition.

We at iSuraksha constantly work so best device reaches you. Our efforts are not limited to sales, with each hand picked and tested products you also receive excellent support after sales. Following is list of features which our devices comes with.


Water Resistant

Our devices are water resistant. Few are more than others, do look into individual specifications.



We will alert you via SMS/mail if your device enters or exits a location on map.


Long Battery Life

We don't compromise on battery life because few additional hours can make a difference.


Mobile & Web Tracking

You don't need to be in from of PC to track your device, you can track using your mobile on the go.


Compact device

Our devices are tiny little piece of engineering, you will fall in love at first sight.


Low Battery Alert

No Surprises! You will get a low battery alert in case the device requires a recharge.


Next Gen Receiver

Next generation receiver fitted in our devices will ensure you get accurate positioning upto 10m.


Panic Button

Not all but some of our devices comes with a SOS button which can call on predefined numbers..


Historical Data

Our impressive dashboard will enable you take a journey back in time.


Motion Sensor

Why motion sensor? So if someone tries to tow your vehicle you will get an alert.


Call Center Support

We provide customer care support for our customers. This support is also available in multiple languages.