Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather condition, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmit signal information to earth. GPS receivers take this information and use triangulation (triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline, rather than measuring distances to the point directly) to calculate the user’s exact location. Essentially, the GPS receiver compares the time a signal was transmitted by a satellite with the time it was received. The time difference tells the GPS receiver how far away the satellite is. Now, with distance measurements from a few more satellites, the receiver can determine the user’s position and display it on the unit’s electronic map. A GPS receiver must be locked on to the signal of at least three satellites to calculate a 2D position (latitude and longitude) and track movement. With four or more satellites in view, the receiver can determine the user’s 3D position (latitude, longitude and altitude). Once the user’s position has been determined, the GPS unit can calculate other information, such as speed, bearing, track, trip distance, distance to destination, and more. GPS tracking system is made of two basic components:
  • Tracking Devices : This is a hardware module which is installed on objects/assets which you intend to track. Using satellite this device can locate itself to a radius of 10m on earth. This device can also send its location information to a server.
  • Tracking Platform : The tracking platform receives data from tracking devices and it stores and processes the information to make sense of it to users.
  • A GPS unit is attached to the object/asset/person you want to track. Once GPS device is installed/placed on object you want to track, this module will get its location from satellites and transmits to iSuraksha server. The unit does not process events like geofence, these events are tracked by iSuraksha platform. The unit then send data securely to iSuraksha servers, where the information is processed enables customers to view events and locate associated vehicles and/or other assets in real-time through our Fleet Manager dashboard from any desktop using we browser or by our mobile app.
    Tracker module for vehicle is powered by vehicle's battery. Each device also comes with a secondary power source in form of internal LiOn Battery. Personal devices are powered by batteries with life upto 7 days without charging.
    Installation takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the make of vehicle.
    It's recommended to be installed by professionals who are trained and have working knowledge of vehicle's wiring.
    Yes, Of course all the data is stored on our servers for a period of up to 1 month. Also a copy of daily report is sent to user's inbox in form of a daily report.
    No for vehicle tracking iSuraksha devices comes with a SIM and paid plan for subscription duration without any additional cost. You will need to purchase a SIM for personal/asset/pet tracking plan.
    Yes you can track its path, but you can't do it in real time. iSuraksha devices are specially built for Indian conditions, they capture location information even if there is no GSM network available. Once device come in network it uploads all the reordered data to iSuraksha servers.
    Our app supports Android and Apple iOS.
    Andriod App can be downloaded from Android Play Store. iSuraksha
    Yes, There are two apps from iSurksha in Play Store:
  • iSuraksha : This is the app you should download if you want to track your vehicle or loved ones.
  • iSuraksha Client : This is the app you should use if you want to be tracked as mobile to mobile tracking solution.
  • Once you proceed to install app will ask permission for following in your mobile: iSuraksha
    You require to register at any one place and you can access both. Follow following steps for mobile app:
    1. Open App, following page will appear:

    2. Click on "Sign Up", following screen will appear:

    2. Click on "Submit".
    3. A verification coe will be sent to your Email & Mobile.
    4. Open app again and click on "Verify SMS Code"
    5. Enter verification code and mobile number
    6. Click Submit
    There are multiple things you can do on mobile app including change your password.

    Following are high level feature of our mobile app:
    2. Real-time tracking of your vehicle & loved ones.
    3. Access to all notifications.
    4. Ability to track multiple devices.
    5. List of all devices currently tracking
    Click on Menu
    1. Following page will appear:

    2. Click on "Change Notification Type", following screen will appear: iSuraksha

    3. Select type of notification you want to receive, by default it will be both..
    Roughly device size is 2.0" x 0.8"
    A one year iSuraksha warranty applies to all device.
    iSurkahsa GPS tracking is accurate to within 5 meters or 16 feet of the device.
    Our devices work with all small and heavy vehicles.
    A personal device has a battery life of 5 to 7 days depending on device you select.
    Yes, legally you are bound to inform this to person who driver your vehicle in yours absence.
    If your vehicle is towed for more than 10m an alert is sent to your mobile.
    All iSurksha devices send a low battery alert to registered number multiple times before switching off.
    Yes, for all vehicle plans are included with roaming plans. There is no extra charge for roaming.
    We will be happy to help, kindly drop a message to us at we will be happy to help.
    10 to 50 depending on plan you may have.
    Yes, we provide on site training to customer & staff for all bulk orders (20 or more).
    • Go to
    • Provide your valid email Id and mobile number which will be verified later and accept terms and policies.
    • iSuraksha

    • Enter verification code received on mobile
    • iSuraksha

    • Verify your Email,by clicking on link sent from iSuraksha.
    • After verification of Email and Mobile, please login to iSuraksha.
    • For first time login you will be asked to give your personal details.

    • iSuraksha
    • On successful entry of personal details, you will be redirect to dashboard page.
    • To add new device go to Manage My Device page.
    • Click on Add New button .
    • iSuraksha

    • Select Device type
    • Enter Name/Vehicle Number.
    • Enter IMEI Number of Device, which can be found at back of device or you can get from iSuraksha.
    • Enter Sim number or Mobile number associated with device .
    • Enter passcode,given from iSuraks ha .

    • iSuraksha

    • On Successful addition,you can view device on list
    • iSuraksha
    • Click on Subscribe Now button corresponding to device.

    • iSuraksha
    • Choose subscription either from your previous purchased subscription list or buy new subscription

    • iSuraksha
    • In case there is no previous Subscription Available Click on Buy New Subscription
    • Choose one Subscription from Subscription List by clicking Add to Cart
    • iSuraksha
    • Now , Go to cart and review your Subscription and click on Continue.
    • iSuraksha

    • Verify or Edit your shipping and Billing address. Select mode of payment Either from Online or Cash

    • iSuraksha

    • On Cash You need to pay to iSuraksha via cheque or cash, on successful receive of your payment, order will be fulfilled.
    • In case of Online you will be redirect to payment gateway, process your payment by choosing your continence payment option.

    • iSuraksha

    • On successful payment you will receive mail from Isuraksha with payment and subscription information, and subscription will be added to your device.

    • iSuraksha
    • Navigate to VIEW MY DEVICES page
    • You can view real time position of all device on map.
    • Select Device whose real time position and other details you want to view
    • iSuraksha
    • Click on Live Tracking On to enable live tracking, on enabling this you can view real time movement of device
    • to view Device history, click Tracking History and enter start date and end date and submit to view

    • iSuraksha
    • Go to
    • Choose Device based on your requirement, click Buy Now button to Purchase device online and proceed to payment
    • We will ship the device as soon we receive the order
    • Still confuse, call or email us, we will be help you to find out right device
    • iSuraksha
    • Enter refresh interval time, this is the frequency rate at which device send positions
    • Click on SOS tab -> Enter mobile number which you want to set as SOS number
    • Click on Friends and Family tab -> Enter mobile number which you want to set as FnF number
    • Click on submit.
    • After submit, please shutdown your device for 5 mins and re- start your device
    • You can synchronized with earlier setting by clicking Syncronize button
    • Go to Notification page
    • You can view all SOS,Geofence,Speed Violation and others alerts
    • You can filter by SMS or by device

    • iSuraksha
    • Go to GeoFence Page
    • Search place where you want to put Geofence
    • Draw Geofence by choosing one option from "Circle","Rectangle", or "Polygon"
    • Give Name to Geofence
    • Select when you want Alerts a) On enter b) On exit or c) On Both
    • Assign Schedules to Geofence
    • Save you Geo-fence

    • iSuraksha

    • After Successful Creation, assign Device to Geofence
    • Click on Assign button
    • Put check mark from list of Device

    • iSuraksha

    • Go to My Rule Page,click button Add New Rules

    • iSuraksha

    • Select Rule type a) Speed Rule or b) Low battery Rule.
    • In case of Enter speed value in Km/hr and assign to device / user and click on Submit.

    • iSuraksha

    • In case of Low battery we will send alerts when device or user's mobile battery is below 15%.

    • iSuraksha